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beck_challenge's Journal

A David and Victoria Beckham Icon Community
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Welcome to the first and only icon challenge for David and Victoria Beckham, the hottest couple around. There are only a few rules around here so PLEASE read before entering.

1.Icons CAN contain brushes, texture etc. all that good stuff, but you cannot encorporate in ANY WAY someone elses icon into yours, THE ICON HAS TO BE YOUR ORIGINAL.
2. No offensive material, you will be kicked out.
3. Be nice!
4. Post a URL and the text on the icon after you post the html code showing the image, tell me if you want a banner or not.
5. All icons must be 100x100 or less
6. No stealing other peoples icons, ask to use it.

8. as of now 2 icons can be submitted by one maker until the community has more members.

ph_i_challenge- a paris hilton quality icon challenge.
nh_i_challenge- a nicky hilton quality icon challenge.
grs_i_challenge- a gwen stefani quality icon challenge.
jc_challenge- a jc chasez quality icon challenge.
bjs_i_challenge- a britney spears quality icon challenge.
if you would like to affiliate comment on a post, or email me at suprstr2be@hotmail.com